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Ms. Letha Sanders, Gregg Shorthand Translator

Thank you for visiting our website for your shorthand translation needs. As an expert shorthand translator, I'm often called upon to interpret what is being said on documents where shorthand writing is present. The interpretation or translation of these documents are carefully transcribed into English.

For my clients, I accept shorthand documents for the purpose of editing, proof-reading and translating Gregg Shorthand writing into English.  If unfamiliar shorthand documents are received, I may offer a referral but will not be responsible for another translator’s actions, abilities, fees or reputation of service. ShorthandClasses.Com, Shorthand Translation Services and Ms. Letha Sanders are one translating service for the public. No other entity is represented.

You're at the Right Place...
Entrust your shorthand pages to us for accurate transcription.

Ready to Start! You've come to the right place to hire a professional Gregg Shorthand Translator to interpret and transcribe shorthand-written documents into English.

In addition, all shorthand documents are handled carefully and with a conscientious respect that is specific to clientelle needs. Each phrase, paragraph, document or project is personally reviewed, interpreted and transcribed completely within the bounds of our customers' requests. Many inquiries may include isolated dates, names and events, birth rights or pinpointing particular details versus the transcribing of an entire project.

We offer our clients dependable consultation before and after any project is completed. Over the years, our business has established a solid reputation for our clients' content of confidentiality and a genuine fairness with our documented, translation expertise.

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Conscientious & Confident

A Keen Eye

A shorthand translator can acquire a keen eye to know what to look for, what to expect, and how to isolate and compare documents.

A good translator sees what is written and transcribes exactly what is written.

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