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On-the-Go Transcription Pages
When your schedule is tight, you're on the plane, waiting in-between flights, riding a cab or on a bus. If for any reason it's just not practical to use your laptop, having these pre-prepared transcription forms on hand will help keep you on-target!

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On-the-Go Transcript Record Sheets
For every page of translation completed, you'll need a record of your time spent. When you can't access the computer to enter totals, having these extra sheets will keep numbers on the up 'n up!

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On-the-Go Shorthand Tally Forms
While In the process of scanning a translation project, circle the unidentifiable symbol(s), record the page number to the tally form and return to it later.



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On-the-Go Shorthand downloadable documents.

Always keep a few sheets folded in a side pocket for easy access!

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