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Our Gregg Shorthand Transcription Business ~ And Still Growing!

Home Town - Rye, CoShorthand Translation Services is a branch of ShorthandClasses.Com and a prospering small business that offers Gregg Shorthand transcriptions to both private and public sectors. The internet exposure of the business has only been online since 2003 and began accepting project requests via email and US postal service. The risky transport of document safety and client privacy was always a matter of concern until coming across an amazing teaching and learning management platform in 2007 that opened the door to safely uploading sensitive shorthand documents to a locked environment with total privacy between the client and translator. Once the project is completed, the locked environment is reset for another client. There is no trace of previously uploaded documents; everything is automatically removed. A means of safe transport that does exactly what we need it to do!

Thank you staff and family for your support and always doing what you can to help keep this Gregg Shorthand transcription service open and available to the great crowd-of-the-curious, our loved ones, ancestors and to the organizations and other businesses who may need and appreciate it.

Our History
A strong commitment to Quality,

Record of Success Long before Shorthand Translation Services became an online business, the idea of comparing different shorthand writings and styles has always been intriquing. Both differences of reading and analyzing another person's written shorthand has become a means of growth, though tedious work, is very relaxing. Some say it's therapuetic! We're content to know that our shorthand skills will continue to mature and remain a part of who we are. A passion that will not die.

Our Future Goals
Stretching Across America and its Coastlines...

Looking Ahead Big dreams for Shorthand Translation Services is to expand its online contacts world-wide reaching those who need us and continuing to provide translated "answers" for anyone who requires transcription services from Gregg Shorthand writings.

Presently in-the-works, is the layout of our structured training course for volunteer translators to learn the "ins and outs" of accepting, handling and completing entire translation projects...on their way to becoming professional shorthand translators.



Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves.

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Everyone on our staff has helped in one form or another to get the translation service off the ground and running smoothly.

It was a rough first couple of years struggling to filter-out unacceptable, illegal and/or questionable requests, revising terms, proposals, transcription layouts, special requests, appropriate turnaround times and keeping up-to-date with the online competitive rates.

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