Our Clients
Our Shorthand Translation Services is purchased by individuals, corporations, law firms, and organizations around the world! Clients continue to be pleased with the reasonable turnaround time, affordable fees and documentation package.

Since our Shorthand Translation Services Proposal is a private agreement with our clients, we do not publically list the names of our clients. Some client names as well as many projects on-going can be of a sensitive nature.

Below is a list of the various types of client translation projects we have accomplished or that we accept:

  • Police Investigation Paper Trails
  • Journals of the Living
  • Coronary Reports
  • Diaries of the Deceased
  • Litigation Case Documents
  • Insurance Resolution Matters
  • Meeting Minute Specifics
  • Estate Investigation Files
  • Property Dispute Records
  • Written Geneologies
  • Private Investigation Assistance
  • Court Hearing Case Evidence Writings
  • Personal Matter Notes - Living/Deceased
  • Document Research Projects - Isolated Incidents
  • Previously Transcribed Shorthand Documents
  • Historical Research Reports
  • Family, Fertility, Infidelity Issues
  • Personal Calendar Notes



Client Trust

Client Reliability

Mini Projects
Sticky notes, scrap/trash notes, lists for Things-to-Do, groceries, recipes, goals, addresses, contacts and more!

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