Our shorthand translation service is specialized in the ability to interpret and analyze a variety of shorthand writings. We are experts in our field and unsurpassed in our research endeavors for every project.

Within our alliance are companies of all sizes and when it comes to our business, we offer our customers a sample document package for their review and acceptance prior to them hiring us. Our translations are accurate and our in-office resources reliable.

Listed below are the Gregg Shorthand translation versions we offer to our clients as part of our translation services. Some general business services are also available.

  • Gregg Shorthand Transcriptions
    • Pre-Anniversary (Original Gregg)
    • Junior
    • Anniversary
    • Greghand
    • Simplified
    • Notehand
    • Diamond Jubilee Series
    • Series 90
    • Centennial
  • Document Transports
    • US Postal Service
    • Email Attachments
      • Zip, doc, docx, pdf, jpg, gif, png, rtf, tif, ppt
    • Locked-Translation Rooms
    • Fax
  • Consultations
    • Free - when part of any shorthand project
    • Chargeable - without project



Professional Approach

Shorthand Message

Transport Safety

The easiest means of transport is through email attachments or faxing.

The most common transport used by the public is email attachments.

The most secure transport is using the locked-translation rooms or postal service.

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