Shorthand Translation Services offers leasing space to shorthand translators who need an office-work environment for their translation businesses.

Below is a list of the different types of translators. If you wish to inquire about any of these translator types or just have general questions, please phone or e-mail at anytime. Thank you!

Gregg Shorthand Translator, Transcriber & General Contractor
ShorthandClasses.Com's Shorthand Translation Services Translator, also known as Ms. Letha Sanders, is an expert-level translator. Please inquire of small, medium, large or retainer projects. Fees are applied according to the size of a project so providing the total number of countable symbols per page is helpful for an estimated quote. Turnaround time will vary with each project.

As the website's translator, I'm happy to answer any questions regarding your shorthand document concerns. Please check the FAQ link first to ensure your question hasn't already been answered.

Team Translators and Translator Assistants
Team Translators and Translator Assistants are voluntary members who assists and support the public from a free translation room used for mini and small projects only.

These translators do not accept professional projects for pay. They volunteer for the fun of transcribing, taking part in a shorthand translation team or, in-training as part of their professional development. Their primary purpose is to provide active support to the General Contractor as requested and they are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement in the event their assistance is needed on critical material.

Contract Translators
This website subcontracts out to Contract Shorthand Translators to support the many incoming service requests received through the General Contractor. These subcontractors work specifically for the firm and have a minimum of 20 years experience in their field. Ability levels are Advanced and Expert. For website requests, they do not work directly with the client but coordinate shorthand projects through the General Contractor for final delivery to the client.

Contract Translators have their own terms, fees, translation techniques and abilities separate from SCC, STS and/or Ms. Letha Sanders. They provide updated pricing to the General Contractor every 3 years and are not obligated to a set turnaround time. The Subcontractor decides whether to accept a shorthand project and may provide an estimated time of completion. Every translator/transcriber is different in their method of work production. They may lease space for their business if desired but this is not a requirement. All Subcontractors; however, must complete an Online Translator Agreement and pay rent for their leasing office when they need to use it.

Gregg Shorthand Translators
A Gregg Shorthand Translator transfers one condition, style or symbolic form of communication into another, using one or more languages and conveys the information verbally in real time, as a recording to sound files or by transcript.  Gregg Shorthand Translators are qualified transcriptionists.  The above methods will involve the recording, documenting or speaking of words to a 3rd party. Turnaround time varies with each translator/transcriber.

Examples of how a Gregg Shorthand Translator may perform:

  • Transfer information from written symbols into a current same-language
  • Convert information from English-written shorthand into a foreign-language
  • Translate from adaptive-shorthand into an English language
  • Speak from written-symbols aloud (via phone, webinar, teleconference#, Skype connection) directly to 3rd party; no recording, no transcript
  • Record from written-symbols to sound files; no transcript

Disclaimer: ShorthandClasses.Com, Shorthand Translation Services and Ms. Letha Sanders are one translation service and will not be held responsible for another translator’s actions, abilities, fees or reputation of service.

Please contact us if you're interested in leasing web space as a Contract Translator.

Or, if you'd like to be part of a Volunteer Translator Team.



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